On their first expedition out of Italy this season, the 60 Mini drivers discovered the French circuit of Angerville at the second round of the WSK Euro Series. Again well represented in the 8-12 age group, the Parolin chassis again demonstrated outstanding performance as the weather complicated the grip of the track. Al Dhaheri was

Gabriele Minì and the Parolin Racing team learned their lessons from the Angerville French Championship meeting to prepare for the first round of the FIA Karting European Championship – OK, which was held on the same circuit two weeks later. Thanks to his extremely effective equipment, the Sicilian driver was able to avoid the pitfalls

Despite all their talent and constantly competitive equipment, the Parolin Racing team drivers have not been able to achieve results that matched up to their expectations during the first event of the WSK Euro Series at Sarno. The intensity of the races that took place at the foot of Vesuvius this weekend was accompanied by

The first international championship of the year, the WSK Super Master Series, ended at Sarno with a superb victory for Rashid Al Dhaheri in 60 Mini, which also enabled Parolin to win the general classification. Although not a surprise considering the performance level of the Parolin chassis, this result is a pleasant reward for the

The third event of the WSK Super Master Series took place at La Conca in very strong grip conditions. Parolin chassis demonstrated their exceptional versatility by enabling their drivers to achieve top results at all levels. The success of Parolin was magnificently highlighted by the remarkable victory by Gabriele Mini in the prestigious OK category.

Still well represented, the Parolin brand has just achieved more success at the second round of the WSK Super Master Series at Lonato. More than half of the 60 Mini finalists at South Garda Karting actually raced on Parolin chassis, five of which finished in the top ten. With pole position, 12 wins out of

In the first event of the WSK Super Master Series, the Adria track remained wet and slippery until the Prefinals. In these winter conditions, the Parolin chassis once again demonstrated their versatility on all terrain, allowing many drivers to express their talent. The superb victory for Rashid Al Dhaheri in Mini, and the performances of

Parolin Racing Kart has already made an impression at the very beginning of the 2019 season. Excellent results have been achieved in the USA as part of the Florida Winter Series, with four victories at Homestead Miami, as well as in Indonesia for the opening of the IAME Asia Series. In Europe, they competed in

After Gabriele Mini’s performance in Las Vegas, the 2018 season ended in Adria with the third and final event of the WSK Final Cup in the rain. While Mini’ concluded with another victory and the 2nd place in the Championship, the rise of the Parolin chassis continued in 60 Mini. Always at the forefront of