The first chapter of Parolin’s story was written by Albino Parolin, who took his first steps in karting as a driver. Supported by his father Enzo, a lover of motorsports, Albino started racing in the early 1980s and rapidly grew into a promising talent.

After having proven his skills on the national and international stages, claiming outstanding results and competing against future Formula 1 world champions such as Michael Schumacher and Mika Hakkinen, Albino purchased an old bending machine in 1990 and began producing chassis. Parolin’s name was immediately linked to the concept of quality, as Albino’s first frame, commissioned by a famous company situated in Piacenza, won the World Cup in Suzuka.

Following this amazing debut, Albino went on to enrich his technical knowledge and develop a personal brand, also collaborating with experienced drivers such as Giancarlo Fisichella.

Sustained by his wife Ivana, Albino founded Parolin Racing Kart in 1994 and gave birth to a company that would soon become one of the greatest karting constructors in the world.


Albino started his career as a constructor by building chassis on behalf of third parties, tuning engines and assisting drivers too. When the first Parolin-branded chassis was launched in the early 1990s, Albino’s technical genius soon became known and appreciated all over Europe, as the first national and international victories were achieved. It was just a matter of a few years before the Parolin name became increasingly popular, reaching North American and Asian markets. The innovative spirit as well as the creative approach in studying new technical solutions contributed to Parolin’s growth and expansion worldwide.

In 2010, Parolin took it to the next level by launching the production of engines, under the FIM brand. The new couple formed by Parolin and FIM was valued by CIK-FIA, so much so that it won the tender for two prestigious categories such as the Under 18 World Championship and the World Academy Trophy. This experience led Parolin to the doors of other markets and, after three years of successful collaboration, the highest motorsport authority re-elected Parolin Group as its exclusive partner for other three years.

Talents such as Charles Leclerc and Esteban Ocon emerged in these promotional categories, and Parolin certainly played a leading role in the promotion of the sport. In fact, Parolin supported ASNs and organised one-make series such as Championkart to attract a broader audience, pursuing the goal of making karting more accessible by enabling drivers to race with a reasonable budget.


As the XXI century kicked off, the demand for Parolin products increased and Albino built a newer and larger factory to satisfy all customers, bringing added value with state-of-the-art technologies. In fact, a significant investment was made in technology, especially focusing on automated welding robots as well as on high-tech CNC machines, which nowadays represent one of the strongest assets of the company.
Parolin Racing Kart can now rely on a network of efficient departments that manage all the company’s areas, such as mechanical engineering, CNC machining, welding, assembling, storage, quality control, marketing and administration.


2015 marked another important step in Parolin’s history, as the company chose to participate in international competitions with a factory team for the CIK-FIA and WSK races. The goal was to emphasise the research and development process, and Parolin immediately achieved remarkable results around Europe, North America and Asia, being crowned CIK-FIA Asia Pacific KZ champion in their first year. Furthermore, Parolin Racing Kart completely renewed its product range, taking advantage of the technological experience gained thanks to the work it had carried out for the most prestigious karting brands of the world.