Being well aware that top-quality products require a solid foundation and that the origins of a kart have a significant impact on its final performances, Parolin accurately selects the best raw materials on the market. Thanks to its broad experience in the manufacture and development of racing products, the company has defined precise criteria to evaluate the numerous raw materials that are available and identify the most useful ones to satisfy their needs, achieve their goals and make consistent progress.


In order to ensure premier quality and large quantities that can fulfil the multiple requests that Parolin Racing Kart receives on the international scene, the Italian group exploits state-of-the-art technologies. Thanks to the significant investment that was made, the company can rely on advanced facilities that avoid the risk of human error and are able to intervene on all the components of a kart. With the utmost attention to details, Parolin especially focuses on automated welding and high-tech CNC machines, which are among the factory’s most fruitful assets.


With more than two decades of work in such a competitive field, Parolin Racing Kart’s technical department has developed a remarkable expertise and continues to build on its know-how thanks to a long-term vision. In fact, the company is always seeking improvement and innovation by carrying on with an incessant research and development activity. In addition to the highly qualified personnel working at the factory, Parolin is supported by its official racing team, who collect and analyse data throughout the most prestigious international competitions around the world. Moreover, Parolin Motorsport’s professional technicians and drivers continuously test the company’s chassis on track and find solutions to consistently upgrade the products, making them increasingly fast and easy to use.


Benefitting from an all-round approach and from a set of skills that allow the company to satisfy all the needs of a kart manufacturer, Parolin builds all its chassis and components internally. This means that the Italian group has direct control over the entire production process, personally taking care of its products at each stage to guarantee the highest quality standards. Furthermore, as the company doesn’t depend on any third party, Parolin Racing Kart can adapt its activities as well as its timing to the relative necessities, with versatility being yet another added value that Parolin brings to the table.