We want to make the sport stronger, larger and more affordable.

Our mission is providing state-of-art technologic solutions

Innovation is the driving force inside Parolin. Our constant research of improvement in details and a highly selective quality control are what make several customers and karting brands choose Parolin for the design, development and manufacture of winning chassis and components.

Approaching rental kart market with accuracy and dedication

A relevant part of our efforts in research and development is destined to the rental kart market, which is increasingly growing, and needs special attention and particular experience in order to be faced in an effective way. Moreover, the future of this market is moving towards electric, and Parolin Group can boast of solid partnerships with some of the biggest electronic engineering companies in Europe. Parolin Group work is not restricted just to the production of karts: the aim of the Company is also providing the customer with a general assistance during the investment, sharing the important supplier portfolio and creating successful turnkey projects.

Expanding our passion

We share our multi-year experience in the organization and promotion of series with federations, authorities and private investors that share our same passion: karting. We want to make the sport stronger, larger and more affordable.