The information and know-how that are collected on the track
are the basis for the development of any product for karting


Parolin Racing Kart created a tailor-made structure to manage its racing activities and focus on all the relative requirements. In fact, Parolin Motorsport is the specific organisation that deals with the company’s official factory team throughout international competitions such as FIA Karting and WSK events. With multiple years of experience in the bag, the Italian racing department has been able to identify and successively achieve what is needed to be successful at the highest levels.

Travelling around the whole world with its trucks, Parolin Motorsport always provides modern awnings to accommodate drivers and staff. Wide spaces and a functional arrangement of all the necessary equipment make these facilities comfortable, while simplifying the personnel’s work. This means that the highly specialised technicians of the factory team can get the best out of themselves as well as of the drivers they support, exploiting all the valuable resources that Parolin’s racing department makes available.


In addition to providing Parolin with a factory team who can represent the Italian brand in the most prestigious international competitions, Parolin Motorsport offers fertile ground for the development of the company’s products. As a matter of fact, having the possibility of consistently testing its equipment in a variety of conditions, Parolin’s racing department can collect and successively analyse a significant amount of information. By evaluating the behaviour of its chassis with different setups, the Italian group can continuously identify areas of improvement and work in the right direction to make steady progress.

Benefitting from the feedback of many professional drivers as well as from the expertise of highly qualified mechanics and engineers, Parolin Motorsport carries out a specific research and development process around racetracks. This activity is further supported by the precious data that is collected by state-of-the-art telemetry systems, as multiple advanced sensors are installed on Parolin’s chassis. These technological devices provide the squad with additional material, which is exploited to boost the performances and the versatility of Parolin Racing Kart’s technical package. Thanks to efficient teamwork, the company successfully pursues the goal of being a protagonist on the international racing scene while satisfying market demands.


From the first steps in karting to a future career at the highest levels of car racing: Parolin Motorsport is designed to give drivers the opportunity to kick off their adventure on a racetrack, learn, grow and succeed. In addition to working hard with the aim of providing its drivers with the most competitive equipment since the very beginning, Parolin focuses on teaching them the basics of karting, regarding both the driving side and the technical one.

Parolin Motorsport has the necessary competences to train its drivers with an all-round approach, addressing also the physical and mental aspects of racing. The extensive know-how of Parolin’s experienced coaches makes a difference in shaping the stars of tomorrow, helping them reach their full potential to realise their dreams. Evidence of the value of Parolin’s attitude can be found in the path of drivers such as Gabriele Minì, James Wharton, Christian Costoya, Anatoly Khavalkin and René Lammers.

Our 2024 Line-up

Paolo De Conto | Italy | KZ
Lorenzo Travisanutto | Italy | KZ
Alp Aksoy | Turkey | OK
Miguel Costa | Brazil | OK
Zac Drummond | Scotland | OK
Jenson Graham | Great Britain | OK
Vivek Kanthan | USA | OK
Anatoly Khavalkin | Russia | OK
Iwo Beszterda | Poland | OK
Fernando Molina | Mexico | OK
William Calleja | Australia | OKJ
Alexander Chartier | Canada | OKJ
Christian Costoya | Spain | OKJ
Efim Derunov | Russia | OKJ
Qarrar Firhand | Indonesia | OKJ
Mariano López | Peru | OKJ
Zeyu Shen | China | OKJ
Anzhe Sun | China | OKJ
Bruno Priam | Belgium | MINI Gr.3
Juan Diego Garciarce | Mexico | MINI Gr.3
Gioele Girardello | Italy | MINI Gr.3

Modena Kart - KZ2 Parolin Racing Satellite Team

Miguel Costa | Brazil
Maxim Orlov | Russia
Erik Holm | Sweden
Menyhert Krozser | Hungary
Filippo Nuccioni | Italy
Alessio Piccini | Italy
Marco Tormen | Italy
Filippo Villani | Italy

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