Parolin proves its potential in Franciacorta

Two weeks before the World Championship, the fifth and final round of the Champions of the Future Euro Series at Franciacorta was of particular value to the teams and their drivers. Parolin Motorsport demonstrated its competitiveness in both categories on a dry and slippery track. The intensity of the races may have caused a few problems in terms of results, but the performance was there for all the team. Rene Lammers finished in the top five in the OK Final, while Christian Costoya secured 7th place in OK-Junior.

“We can be very satisfied with the team’s overall performance on the World Championship circuit,” explained Marco Parolin. “The Finals didn’t live up to our expectations in terms of results, but the balance remains very positive and the drivers will be able to learn from the weekend before tackling the world meeting. Rene Lammers was delayed by a retirement in one heat, but he was able to show his worth in 5th position in the Final with the fastest lap of the race after an incredible 30-place recovery from an incident at Turn 1. Miguel Costa improved from 29th in Qualifying to 16th in the Final, while Anatoly Khavalkin moved up from 33rd to 24th. In the OK-Junior class, Christian Costoya put in a solid performance that deserved better than his 7th place finish. Our new recruit Sebastian Lehtimäki also had a good run in the Final top 10. Jack Iliffe was very fast and was ranked 6th before the Final. Zac Drummond and Vivek Kanthan came back well after a difficult Qualifying session, but like Iliffe, they were unable to reach the finish of the Final due to on-track incidents.”


Rene Lammers:
4th in Qualifying, 1 win, 1 P2 and a retirement in the heats, 4th in the Super Heat (+3), 5th in the Final with the fastest lap and a 10-place recovery. 11th in the championship.

Miguel Costa:
29th in Qualifying, 12th in the Super Heat (up 2 places), 16th in the Final (up 10 places).

Anatoly Khavalkin:
33rd in Qualifying, up 10 places in the heats, 9th in the Super Heat (up 3 places), 24th in the Final.


Christian Costoya:
3rd in Qualifying, 3 wins in the heats, 11th in the Super Heat (5″ penalty), 7th in the Final and Championship.

Sebastian Lehtimäki:
18th in Qualifying, 5 heat wins, one collision, 13th in the intermediate rankings, 10th in the Final (up 3 places).

Jack Iliffe:
4th in Qualifying, one win, three 2nd places in the heats, 7th in the Super Heat with the fastest lap, retirement in the final, 10th in the Championship.

Zac Drummond:
42nd in Qualifying, improved by 20 places in the heats, 4th in the Super Heat (up 6 places), retired in the Final, 8th in the Championship.

Vivek Kanthan:
63rd in qualifying, up 19 places in the heats, 10th in the super heat (up 11 places), retired in the final, 13th in the championship.

Parolin Motorsport is preparing for the OK and Junior World Championships at the beginning of October on the same Franciacorta circuit, with the ambition of achieving results in line with its potential in both categories.

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