Parolin on the podium of the WSK Super Master Series OK and OK-Junior Championships

The 2023 WSK Super Master Series has just finished with its fourth and final round at the Cremona circuit. Parolin Motorsport reaped the rewards of its hard work by reaching the championship podi-um twice in the most popular categories, OK and OK-Junior, thanks to Rene Lammers and Chris-tian Costoya. As the team continued to develop, it was the growing consistency of performance that stood out.

“We can be happy with the results obtained in the whole WSK Super Master Series”, analysed Marco Parolin. “Parolin Racing Kart chassis are now a major force in the field with a very strong representation that is confirmed at each race. Almost 50 Parolin karts took part in the Cremona event, all categories included. The popularity of our equipment went far beyond the Mini category, which is an important breakthrough for our products. At the same time, Parolin Motorsport recorded convincing performances from more of its drivers. While the Finals were not generally favourable for us, we showed great potential in most categories. Rene Lammers’ great comeback in the OK Final allowed him to secure 3rd place in the Championship, while Christian Costoya moved up to 3rd place in OK-Junior despite the adversity. I would also like to congratulate the Babyrace Academy team for the victory of William Calleja and the title of Iskender Zulfikari in Mini on Parolin chassis”.

The weekend started well with Christian Costoya in Junior and Bruno Gryc in Mini taking 2nd place in Qualifying. Costoya continued to lead the OK-Junior class with three heat wins and a 2nd place in the Prefinal, which gave him pole position at the start of the Final. The race did not go as well as expected. After 10 laps in the lead, he had to give up some ground at the end of the race and had to settle for 8th place at the finish. Zac Drummond had made an excellent start to the meeting, 4th in the heats and 4th in the Prefinal. He was fighting for the Final top three when an incident forced him to retire with two laps to go. Jack Ilife was able to finish 9th in the Final. Vivek Kanthan came close in the Prefinal where he started 21st in Prefinal B, but came back strongly after an excellent start. He was 7th with five laps to go when he had to retire.

Gryc did well in Mini, 7th after the heats and 13th in the Final. Newcomer to the team Andrea Manni from Monaco put in some interesting performances, finishing 3rd and 5th in his last heats before starting 15th for the Final. Alessandro Truchot obtained a 3rd and a 2nd place in the Mini U10 heats and confirmed his 2nd place in the Prefinal A.

In OK, the Qualifying Practice did not bring the expected results, but the Qualifying Heats showed good progress. Miguel Costa and Anatoly Khavalkin came 3rd and 5th respectively in the Prefinal before finishing 10th and 7th in the Final. Rene Lammers finished 4th and 3rd in the heats and made up eight more positions in the Final to keep his 3rd place in the Championship, while Costa made up 15 places in the standings.

Francesco Celenta was 9th in KZ2 and lost a lot of ground when he retired in the second heat and had a disastrous first lap in the Prefinal. Still very fast, he managed to gain six places to 12th in the Final with the second fastest lap of the race.

The Champions of the Future Euro Series at the new Třinec track in the Czech Republic is the next meeting for the OK and OK-Junior categories, in preparation for the second round of the European Championship.

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