Parolin Motorsport one step up in Zuera

Within a week of each other, the progress of the Parolin Motorsport team has been very clear between the Champions of the Future and the last round of the European Championship which has just ended in Zuera. The rising stars of the Italian factory benefited from even more competitive equipment to assert their talent at the highest level. In the Junior class, Orlov took another podium, Al Dhaheri finished in the top five and Spina showed his strong potential in OK.

It was a very positive weekend,” explained Marco Parolin. “Our drivers learned from the previous competition and our technicians fine-tuned the equipment. The races were as intense as ever on the Spanish circuit and we are proud to have obtained more conclusive results. Maksim Orlov had even more merit to reach the Junior podium, while Rashid Al Dhaheri reached the Final top five with the fastest lap in the race. Anatoly Khavalkin was also more consistent. In OK, Alfio Spina is definitely a great asset for the team. He has made excellent progress into the European top five. I’m delighted that Brando Badoer was able to develop in this way and that James Wharton made a very convincing comeback.”

OK-Junior: Orlov and Al Dhaheri confirm

Maksim Orlov had an even more exciting race this weekend. He started 42nd and made up 25 places during the heats, including a 3rd place with the fastest lap. His ease in the battle of the pack was a pleasure to see. After a superb start in the Final, he kept on progressing towards the front before joining the top three during a legendary last lap, totalling a gain of 14 places. At this level, it is a great demonstration.

Rashid Al Dhaheri was back to his best during this very strong weekend. He finished his heats with a 2nd place and then a victory that put him in the top 10. Determined, he came back quickly to the top five of the Final, continued to fight until the end to finish 5th and took the fastest lap in the race.

Anatoly Khavalkin also did very well in the heats starting from the middle of the grid. He was 5th in the last heat with the fastest lap. A heavy penalty sanctioned his fighting spirit and delayed his return to the top of the table. Unleashed, he started like a rocket in the Final and had regained 15 places in a few laps when a collective collision put an end to his ambitions. Amongst the other Junior drivers of the team, Nicolas Ambiado confirmed his amazing potential by moving up 37 places during the heats after having been sanctioned during Qualifying.

Spina gains confidence

Despite an average time in Qualifying, Alfio Spina put in a very good performance in the heats, making up 20 positions to enter the top five. He was 3rd in the Final on the first lap, but then dropped back during some tough battles, although managed with a lot of determination to get back to 8th place, his best result at this level.

Brando Badoer had a very encouraging run with efficient heats that allowed him to regain many places. His great fighting spirit in the Final allowed him to move up to 15th position despite being behind in the first three laps under yellow flags. James Wharton made up for his poor Qualifying position by regaining 16 positions during his heats and made another impressive 15-place recovery in the Final to finish 19th.

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