The Opportunity chassis is one of the most successful models produced by Parolin Racing Kart. Thanks to the frame’s shape and the type of tube, which has a 28 mm diameter, the chassis offers superlative adaptability to all grip conditions. Furthermore, the kart’s rear features an axle bearing cassette with four screws to modify the chassis’ height, providing the largest amount of possible adjustments. Parolin Racing Kart relies on a completely automated process and on advanced machinery for welding, aiming at delivering consistently high quality standards by efficiently managing the robots and the jigs as well as the cutting and bending of the tubes.

As for the senior chassis, the innovative Easy Caster is an emblematic characteristic of the Opportunity model and facilitates the adjustment of the caster and camber parameters. One of the benefits of this system regards the possibility of making fast and independent changes to the front-end setup, therefore allowing drivers to test different technical solutions in the same track conditions. Another distinctive feature of the Opportunity kart is represented by the steering column’s system that has an internal slide rail, which enables it to be moved back and forth. As a result, the Ackermann angle can be rapidly adjusted in order to suit any circuit and satisfy the drivers’ preferences.

The adaptability of the Opportunity chassis is further boosted by the black anodised aluminium pedals, which are machined from solid and are adjustable to the driver’s height.


The new braking system has been designed to achieve more modular braking and is supported by a monobloc caliper, which is entirely machined from solid and characterised by a radial attachment to decrease caliper torsion while improving rigidity and quality. Moreover, the Opportunity kart can count on a floating and self-ventilated brake disc as well as on the same pump as the one used in the higher categories. Another trait that Parolin Racing Kart’s MINI chassis derives from the Italian company’s senior models is the brake pump support, which is made using a box and hence offers greater rigidity as well as decreased weight. To complete a versatile braking system, the three available pads vary with different degrees of hardness of the friction material to please all driving styles.


In addition to developing a new and more aesthetically pleasing floor panel, which follows the chassis’ perimeter at the front, Parolin Racing Kart also concentrated on the aerodynamic properties of the Opportunity model, being aware of their significance. Thanks to thorough aerodynamic studies and wind tunnel testing, the Italian company created the Dynamica fairings in order to boost aerodynamic efficiency. The new bodywork’s goal is to optimise the air flows directed towards the engine and refine the impact of the air on the driver as well as on the tyres, while the side fairings benefit from a reduced weight too.


Finally, the Opportunity chassis is equipped with the new Eurostar wheels. Influenced by the direct experience and technical know-how of Parolin Motorsport, these innovative accessories are entirely produced in Italy. The three-spoke steering wheel adds to the fine components of the Opportunity chassis, as semi-silicone rubber has been added, with the goal of increasing grip and making driving less tiring. Furthermore, the seat attachment system using supports allows to accelerate seat-position changes by exploiting simple spacers, thus preventing the chassis attachments from bending and consequently from risking breakage.



Main Data
Ø Tubes and material 28 x 2 mm
Wheel base 950 mm
Rear width 584 mm
Front width 655 mm
Length 1310 mm
Tank capacity 4 lit
Brake system Hydraulic self-adjusting
Brake position Rear radial fitting
Rear brake disk 150 x 4 mm
Axle 30x5x960 hollow or 40x2
Steering wheel Parolin 3 Raz 320 mm
Bodyworks Eurostar Dynamica MINI 2022
Alloy Wheels 110-145
Homologation 017/CH/12