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“Ideal for juniors and light rental experiences”

The Parolin XT32 is a state of art vehicle, which presents an extreme heavy-duty rental kart capability, being at the same time a kart conceived to perform. Tube cutting and welding are performed using laser technology machines and tube bending with CNC fully automatic machines. With unscrewing accessible bolts, the axle and the rear brake can be removed: they add to the vehicle's ease of maintenance and repair. The clever rear engine location grants a comfortable drive position. The outside polymer bumpers, especially in indoor tracks, allow the vehicles to slide one against the other in case of collision. Bodyworks, rear axle guards and protective covers over the rotating parts are essential safety components. Roll bar and security belts are important devices that can be installed to obtain further safety for the driver.

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Chassis Code 99KIX32_PC
Diameter tubes 32 X 2 mm Cr-Mo
Pitch 1030 mm
Total width 1300 mm
Total length 1800 mm
Diameter axle 40 x 5 x 1000 mm
Brake system Self-Adjusting
Rear brake disk 180 X 4 mm Steel (std.)
180 X 8 mm Steel (opt.)
Steering wheel 320 mm
Seat M or L Fiberglass (std.)
Tillett covered (opt.)
Protections All-round special polymer bumpers
Full Cover Bodyworks
Engine Fiberglass Engine cover
for the following engines
EX21 Subaru
GX200 Honda 270
External exhaust pipe kit complete with silencer (located under the rear axle cover)
Belt and pulley kit
(Specify n. of teeth)
Chain and Sprocket kit
( specify n. of teeth )
Steel chain sprocket
from 28 to 33 teeth, 428
Steel engine sprocket
from 12 to 15 teeth,
428 Eurostar chain (428 HR )
Gasoline pump kit
Protections Roll bar and security belts
Wheel set 180 - 125 mm reinforced and heat treated aluminium with 20 mm Pin
Tires Bridgestone
10x3.60-5 / 11x6.00-5
10x4.50-5 / 11x7.10-5
Decals kit  

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