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“A unique innovation boost”


The ground-breaking kart of Parolin rental line is without doubts the Electric Kart XT40. Parolin engineers, who perceived that future is always more eco-friendly oriented, have been developing this innovative product for years. Nowadays the E-XT40 can count on a reliable brushless-technology engine, which leads to important performances and especially on long-term rides, lasting four times more than average current products. The body of the kart is the same as XT40, an incredibly strong structure, with the only peculiarity of the differential to lighten the drive experience. The high technology applied on E-XT40 consists also on special features as Kers, which recharges batteries by exploiting the kinetic energy from the brake, or the Remote Control Device, which allows the race manager to control the speed of the karts or even stop them in case of danger.

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Chassis Code 99KIXT_CE
Diameter tubes 40 X 2 mm Cr-Mo
Pitch 1060 & 1080 mm
Total width 1470 mm
Total length 2020 mm
Diameter axle 40 X 1040 mm (std.)
Axle bearings 2 sb210/06
Brake system Self-Adjusting
Rear brake disk 180 X 4 mm Steel (std.)
180 X 8 mm Steel (opt.)
Steering wheel 320 mm (std.)
Seat Plastic seat XL o XXL.
Tillett covered (opt.)
Protections Full bodyworks
Special polymer bumpers
Engine Belt and pulley kit
(Specify n. of teeth)
Display Power, RPM, kers, battery level, reverse
Remote control Power reduction
Power off
Protections Roll bar and security belt
Floor tray with antislip surface
Wheel Alluminium reinforced wheels set with thermic treatment 180 - 125 mm; Pin 17mm standard or 20 mm opt. Pin
Tyeres Bridgestone / Via Rent
10x3.60-5 / 11x6.00-5
10x4.50-5 / 11x7.10-5
Stickers kit Available in varius colours



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