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The Parolin young-aimed line of chassis is made of seamless special CrMo steel tubes of 28mm (1.10 in) in diameter.

High-precision tube cutting and welding are performed using laser technology machines, while tube bending is processed through state of the art CNC machines. Wheelbase is 850mm for the Baby and 950mm for the Mini; the rear axle is supported by two bearings, and it presents 30mm (1.18 in) in diameter. Wheels are 145/110, made of aluminium and heat-treated. The anatomic steering wheel is 310mm. The new aerodynamic streamlined bodyworks Eurostar Mini are designed and produced within Parolin Racing Kart's facilities. The chassis is powder coated in Parolin red colour; it is homologated according to Italian CSAI Rules, Spanish Real Federacion Rules, French FFSA Rules and German DMSB rules.

These products are available in two versions: the Basic chassis, fitting the standard brake, and the Motorsport having a self-adjusting hydraulic brake system with radial fittings and equipped with top features.

Version Code 99KBK5B 99KBK5M 99KMK5B 99KMK5M
Category BABY Opportunity 60
BABY Opportunity 60
MINI Opportunity 60
MINI Opportunity 60
Ø Tubes 28 X2 mm 28 X2 mm 28 X2 mm 28 X2 mm
Wheel base 850 mm 850 mm 950 mm 950 mm
Rear width 586 mm 586 mm 586 mm 586 mm
Front width 635 mm 635 mm 635 mm 635 mm
Length 1200 mm 1200 mm 1300 mm 1300 mm
Tank capacity 4 lit 4 lit 4 lit 4 lit
Brake system mechanic/hydraulic hydraulic self adjusting mechanic/hydraulic hydraulic self adjusting
Brake position standard rear radial fitting standard rear radial fitting
Rear brake disk 155x4 mm 155x4 mm 155x4 mm 155x4 mm
Axle 30x5x960 hollow 30x5x960 hollow 30x5x960 hollow or 40x2 30x5x960 hollow or 40x2
Steering wheel 300 black 300 black 300 black 300 black
Bodyworks Eurostar Mini Eurostar Mini Eurostar Mini Eurostar Mini
Alloy Wheels 110-145 110-145 110-145 110-145
Homologation CSAI 08/CH/14 CSAI 08/CH/14 CSAI 08/CH/14 CSAI 08/CH/14


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