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Championkart Mini Academy is destined to the children between 9 and 12 years. The frame is a Parolin Mini Basic with Ø 28mm tube; it adopts a 30mm axle, a fine self-adjusting hydraulic brake system, and original EuroStar accessories. 

The Rocky 60cc Water-Cooled engine Parolin performs 7 horsepower, and it is equipped both with electric start and pull start with centrifugal dry clutch, ensuring high reliability, stunning performances and low operating costs. Thanks to its technical features, this kart is the ideal step between an entry-level class and the powerful 125cc junior classes as the Academy.

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Chassis code 99CHAKMINI
Pipes diameter ø 28mm
Axle ø 30x5x960mm
Brake system Hydraulic self-adjusting
Gear Fixed
Steering wheel ø 300 / 320 alcantara
Seat Size XS
Front tyres Academy-Vega 10×4.00-5
Rear tyres Academy-Vega 11×5.00-5
Wheelbase 950 mm
Engine capacity Rocky 60 cc
Cycle 2 strokes
Horsespower 7 horses
Cooling system Water
Feeding system Lamellar
Carburettor Dellorto 18 MM
Battery recharging No
Starter 12 V.
Lubrification Blend
Clutch Dry centrifugal

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