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The Delfino is a complete kart equipped with a 35cc 4-stroke Honda engine and purposed to be easy to manage even for users without any mechanical experience. 

The frame is made of Ø 25mm tubes, the brake system is mechanical, and it presents different types of driving position adjustments in order to adapt it to children of different heights. The kart is sold ready-mounted, full fairings and sticker kit. The kart Delfino is the ideal one for starting programs and driving schools.

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Chassis  Parolin Engine Honda GX35
Description Technical data Description Technical data
ø tubes 25x2mm steel Horsepower 35cc 4-stroke
Axle 30mm Solid Induction Aspirated
Bearings 2 Cooling Air cooling
Wheelbase 800mm Bore 39x30
Brake system Mechanical Compression ratio 8,0:1
Brake disc Magnetic steel Combustion chamber volume 6cc,+2cc, tot ins. min:8cc
Stub axles Fixed and chromed Max power 1.0 kw (1.3 hp) / 7 000 t/min
Bodyworks Csai 53/tb/09 Max torque 1.6 nm / 0.16 kgfm / 5 500 t/min
Rear bumper Max tyres width Carburattor D.12mm butterfly
Steering wheel 280mm Fuel Green fuel
Wheels Alloy 110-140mm Fuel tank 0,63 liters
Front tyre Academy-Vega 10×4.00-5 Transmission Centrifugal clutch, fixed gear
Rear tyre Academy-Vega 11×5.00-5 Starting Pull
    Ignition Electronic e.i.
    Exhaust Carrier
    Clutch Centrifugal clutch, fixed gear
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