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The Baby Academy is the first kart used in the competitive program from 8 years-old drivers. In the context of pre-competitive program, the Baby Academy is suitable from 7 years too, so that future drivers are able to experience the same mean that they will use in the season after. The chassis is the same of the Mini Academy, made of Ø 28mm tubes (Parolin Basic line and MINI ACI-CSAI) and equipped with a mechanical brake. This feature allows the switch to the higher category Mini Academy simply replacing engine and brake. Thanks to a last generation frame that allows different adjustments, this kart have also an educational purpose regarding set-ups and technical issues. The Baby Academy is powered by a Rocky 60cc Air-Cooled model, a 5-horse-power engine. The engine is very reliable and ensures minimal operating costs.

Chassis code 99CHAKROCKY
Pipes diameter ø 28mm
Axle ø 30x4,8x960mm
Brake system Mechanical
Gear Fixed
Steering wheel ø 300 / 320 alcantara
Seat Size XS
Front tyres Academy-Vega 10x4.00-5"
Rear tyres Academy-Vega 11x5.00-5"
Wheelbase 950 mm
Engine capacity Rocky 60 cc
Cycle 2 strokes
Horsespower 4,5 horses
Cooling system Air
Feeding system Piston Port
Carburettor Dellorto 15/15
Starter Oprtional
Lubrification Blend
Clutch Dry centrifugal

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