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The prestigious context of Le Mans, a worldwide renowned city for its major motorsport events, hosted the most awaited event of the year for shifter karts. Parolin Racing department was committed in the KZ2 International Super Cup with the two Italian drivers Lorenzo Camplese and Francesco Celenta, among other ninety-four drivers attending the competition.

The weekend was featured by a constantly changing weather, which complicated the work for the drivers and the mechanics. After the qualifying sessions, Camplese performed interesting timings, but unfortunately his hot lap was hindered by some traffic, concluding 5th of his group, which means 18th overall. Celenta ended 7th of his group, but due to a different track condition, he was stucked to the 48th position overall.

After the heats, Camplese managed to bring his Parolin under the chequered flag on the first positions during all the races, with great speed both on wet and dry, gaining the 6th spot on the prefinal grid. Bad luck for Celenta, who suffered a technical issue on the first heat and lacked some speed on the wet; on the other hand, thanks to the good performance during the dry heats he was able to qualify for prefinals.

On the prefinals the destinies of the two Parolin drivers took different directions, with Camplese among the fastests of his group, ending 4th with a clever race management, and Celenta missing the final for just one position.

Great start and nice effort of Camplese in the final race, maintaining his Parolin on the first group of drivers, until another driver caused him an unpleasant off-road that costed him several positions. With a great competitive spirit, Camplese came back until the 10th position, with an excellent pace, highlighting the effectiveness of the Parolin/TM combination.

“It was a hard weekend, but we were able to find a good speed. While I was fighting among the top six in the final, I got bumped and forced to start again from the middle of the group, what a pity. I want to thank all the team for the great job that I wanted to award with a better result. The top 10 is ok, but with this material and team we can aim higher.” says Lorenzo Camplese.

“I was expecting a different result from this race, after the good tests I was hoping for something better, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to reach the positions that we deserved. I cannot blame it on the material; this is a tough sport and sometimes ruthless. I will come back stronger for sure. I have to thank Parolin and NGM team for what we have done until now.” states Francesco Celenta.

The next meeting for the Parolin team will be the Las Vegas Supernationals on November 18-22. The biggest event of the Panamerican country is waiting for us. Keep speeding Parolin!


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