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The 6th season of CIK-FIA Karting Academy Trophy has just begun in Spain, at the Zuera circuit, continuing the success of 2014. The Parolin Racing Kart team has ensured a brilliant technical partnership in this Competition since its inception. The 2015 field was quickly filled after the opening of registration with 51 entries from 35 countries and four continents. The Academy Trophy has now gained a prominent place within the international competitions of the CIK-FIA and is essential for talent scouts.

On the evening of the event at Zuera, there were many testimonials of satisfaction thanking Parolin Racing Kart. The Italian team aims to make 50 identical chassis available to the 50 academicians and FIM engines as close to each other as possible. On the long and fast Spanish track, the Parolin staff faced the new challenge of a substantial burden on the machinery. "The Zuera track was not the easiest to manage for the Academy," explained Marco Parolin. "Long sections are taken at full throttle, and the strong wind and dust complicates settings. We had to work hard on the carburetion to make the karts as effective as possible."

The action in the races of the Academy at Zuera, the most fiercely disputed of the shared meeting with the European KZ and KZ2 Championship, proved the quality of the services provided by Parolin Racing Kart. The drivers constantly fought in tight packs, in an ideal position to move forwards, and are decided on the strength of their talent. The Parolin / FIM karts shod with Bridgestone tyres allowed the best to prevail, while the less experienced were able to record strong progress. The Spanish driver Marta Garcia Lopez logically imposed because she is very experienced and knows the track, her compatriot Xavier Lloveras Brunet finished 4th, but the Briton Alfie Brown was able to finish second ahead of Russian Zakhar Slutskiy after learning the track.

The role of the Academy Trophy as a talent developer makes sense with hindsight of several seasons of existence. The winner in 2011, the Monegasque Charles Leclerc is currently under the spotlight in Formula 3 and seems to have a very bright future at the highest level of motorsport. The victory in 2014 of the young Dutchman Richard Verschoor has opened the doors of the KF category at the European level with excellent performances from the start of this season.

While Karting suffers from an unfavourable economic situation around the world, the Academy Trophy continues increase in entries to the delight of the organisers. The originator of this formula, Parolin Racing kart has developed the karts, with Championkart well established in Italy and the next versions of the Academy in Bahrain for the Middle East and Brazil for South America.

"We work very effectively with the CIK-FIA and the Academy Trophy continues to grow in importance in international karting," says Marco Parolin. "Our work has a recognition increasingly widespread in the environment and it is a great satisfaction for Parolin Racing kart. We aim to develop this formula which corresponds perfectly with the expectations of many drivers around the world. Our experience and expertise in this area is a distinct advantage in attracting new partners and broadening the base of participants."

The Academy Trophy will return to the front of the news in mid-July in Belgium for its second meeting in 2015 on the circuit of Genk.



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