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This year Parolin - a pioneer of the new promotion class created by the CIK-FIA in 2010 - has begun another three-year period of work in the Academy Trophy. Thanks to its extensive know-how and huge expertise in this specific field, the Italian company is an undisputed leader and offers a range of karts with the same level of performance as well as the associated racing department. Its turnkey formula has attracted again a large number of drivers and observers during the first meeting of the season held in Belgium, which has offered a high-quality sporting event of the track of Genk.

High-End Karts

Very close to KF-Junior karts performances, Academy Trophy karts are composed of a Parolin chassis and a FIM engine capable of boosting the performances of beginners as well as satisfying the needs of demanding drivers. Today’s winner Maxime Potty, a Belgian driver who has competed in several classes, commented as follows: «Adjustment options are voluntarily limited, but the chassis is very effective anyway. We drove in the dry and in the wet with Vega tyres, on the European KZ Championship rubber buildup, and everything went just fine: the kart has been easy to drive all the time, and it never jolted. And what is more, the performances of these karts were very close and at times we were all in the same tenth of a second!

Flawless Organisation

After three months of very hard work, Parolin can now be proud of having provided 34 karts with very similar levels of performance and reliability. Changing weather conditions in Belgium did not make its task easy, though. But despite all this, no failure disrupted the Trophy and thanks to a uniform kart level, races were very hard fought and all the drivers had a chance to «show off». Some quick motorisation changes during the competition enhanced the fairness of the battle.

High Level of Satisfaction

At the end, everybody was happy. The triple F1 World Champion Nelson Piquet, who accompanied his son Pedro at the meeting, did not regret choosing this class. Like other drivers who made their debut in this formula, he learned a lot during the weekend. The most battle-hardened drivers found some new competitors on their way, who had just entered international karting competitions but who learned very quickly how things worked. Female drivers had the opportunity to compete on equal terms with their male counterparts and two of them are currently in the top 10. For a first race with top classes, feedbacks were positive both from drivers and stewards. Those who competed in the Trophy for the first time were surprised at the intensity of races and the level of karts.A Formula

Ready to Move to the Next Level

Several national bodies have shown their interest in Parolin’s expertise. The Academy Trophy could be adopted in several countries as entry formula to top competitions, and would be accessible to a high number of drivers thanks to its simplicity, fairness and reasonable cost. Parolin’s experience, as witnessed by CIK-FIA’s renewed confidence, makes it a player to be reckoned with. This formula is the ideal solution to attract a large number of kart fans to competition karting. Today, this is definitely a major asset for this discipline and could ensure great growth potential.

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