With nearly a year of covert undercover operations in the US and Italy which included Special component designs and Top Secret testing in the Arizona desert it was time for the New KGB to make its assault on Las Vegas!

In January of this year Dan Ruth and Albino Parolin decided it was time to bring KGB back to North America following a seven year hiatus. The exclusive KGB chassis line built by Parolin Racing Kart had tremendous success in North American Karting since its inception back in 1998 with drivers Curtis Ruth, Michael Rossi, Alan Rudolph, Kevin Christensen, Alex & Scott Speed and many others wining everything in site!

In the late nineties Parolin was known for his expert craftsmanship and exotic designs like the Revolution, he was the first to manufacture spindles from a single billet block and the first to use CNC lazor cutting for tubing and also CNC bending. The KGB chassis line would be the First Italian chassis built exclusively for the North American market and its unique competition rules and because that design theory KGB’s would work with US engines and tires right out of the box!

Ruthless Karting is a team owned and operated by Ryan and Dan Ruth, who was called out of retirement to tune at select regional and national events and the results would show that years of experience cannot be taken for granted. Young Jim McKinney would start his Rookie season on the SKUSA Pro Moto Tour in S5 with a Win and a second place in Phoenix and never look back. He would head to the SuperKarts USA finale at Las Vegas with a narrow points lead but loaded with a new weapon – the new KGB frame – for the assault on Vegas. Was it a risk changing from the chassis that got him there? Not at All!

Dan knew the tried and proven Parolin LeMans with “Special” KGB features would be Fast and easy to tune and it would prove to be just that! Young McKinney would be at the Top of the practice charts at the end of practice with only a simple planned axle and wheel change to address the changing track conditions. Due to an error in judgment on McKinney’s part in qualifying he would time in only 4th and he would stall his KGB on the line of the 1st heat resulting in a last place finish, Remember he is a Rookie! And the pressure of the SuperNationals can and will get to a seasoned veteran!

McKinney would get 6th and 4th in the remaining heats choosing to take it easy thinking of the big picture. He would start the Final from 12th. And after a ruff 1st lap with contact in many turns and dropping back to 13th McKinney would work his way up to a possible podium finish only to be punted back four positions. McKinney kept his cool and his durable Parolin billet spindles and chromemoly axle and EuroStar Wings bodywork would allow lots of impact without failure resulting in a well deserved 8th place finish and the National Championship Win!

Ruthless Karting and Team KGB will head into 2013 Loaded with an arsenal of new KGB’s with a well thought out plan to Infiltrate North America!

KGB Chassis are available in models from the KGB Snoop Kid Kart, KGB Mi5 and Mi6 Cadet Karts, KGB Pacemaker TAG/100 Karts and the KGB Pacemaker Shifter Karts available in both 30/32 and 32/32 models designed specifically for the North American market. Check us out soon at

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