Kart Delfino

Specially designed for kids of 6 and 7 years old, this kart represents for many children their first approach to karting.

The chassis is Parolin, made of steel tubes of 25mm in diameter and the rear axle is supported by two bearings. Wheels are 140-110 and the black steering wheel is 280mm. The new aerodynamic streamlined bodyworks are performed within Parolin Racing Kart's facilities. Brakes are mechanical and guarantee top safety so that the first technical fundamentals of track driving can be taught to the small kids in total security.
The engine is 4-stroke Honda GX35, it develops 1,3 horsepower at 7.000 rpm and the tyres are Vega hard compound 11x5,00-5 and 10x4,00-5.

Set-up and pedals adjustment is quicky done and can be easily managed also by the driver's father.
The kid kart is for a promotional class purpose-built, it's the very first chassis for school driving and for a children training programme.


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