European qualifications – Central Zone - -

Sosnova (CZ) 13-14-15 July 2007

Favaro aspires to conquer the European Championship

Thanks to their tenacy Simone Favaro and Parolin Motorsport got the qualification to the European Championship.

The week end in Sosnova began with some problems for Parolin Motorsport: the Czech circuit was completely new for the young pilot and the team, who had first to know it and reach the correct chassis set up.
On Friday free qualifications, Favaro was actually more concentrated in studying the circuit than on cronos.
On Saturday, the great work of the Parolin team allowed to get a performing kart and Favaro showed all his willpower in manches doing faboulous starts and overtakings, conquering therefore the 11th position in the starting grid.
In Final One he gained immediately some positions, following the lead group after a furious recovery and closing the race in 5th position.
As the goal was of course to win and having the consciouness of a competitive chassis, he started confident in his one abilities, sure to have the European qualification in his hands.
After the first lap he was just behind Beretta; the victory seemed to be in the his pocket, but a problem on the engine compromised the final race.
Leaving the Czech Republic with a sort of bad taste in its mouth, Parolin Motorsport is looking to Sarno's appointment to take its return match.....


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