WSK International series round 5 Lonato (I) 30.6.-1.7.


Our boys were back in the action last weekend for the last round of the WSK international series in Lonato, near the Lake Garda in North Italy, just some 100k’s away from the Parolin factory. Record breaking heat wave in southern Europe made all three days of driving a sweaty business for everyone involved, and the tent was literally closer to a melting pot!
Compared to last round a month ago, we had taken a long leap ahead especially in KZ2. In KF3 it would be pretty much impossible because this little speedster named Simone Favaro has been a constant frontrunner since day 1 of his KF3 career which started just back in March. It was business as usual this time too, with Simone scoring 2nd and 3rd in final 1 and final 2 respectively, and 6th in the championship final classification.
In KZ2 a good bunch of some of the best drivers in the world entered this last round, such as Piccini, Thonon, Fore, Kozlinski and Vasiliauskas to mention a few. A month ago our guys Federico Friendly-Freddie d’Amico and Aki Rask were ages off the pace, but now they were both well in the business. Aki scored twice 6th, and Federico 11th and 12th in two finals. Aki showed some great starts all weekend and was running top-3 in both finals, but against drivers such caliper as those mentioned, being just less than a tenth off the pace means no champagne after 25 laps of racing. Federico keeps improving race by race and already coped well indeed head-to-head against “big boys”.
It is now two months time left to the KZ1 world cup in Sarno (I), and all signs are showing that by then, we’ll be ready to shake the top of the standings!


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