What a surprise at the Championkart Series!

The 6th round of the Championkart series brought all of our pilots to the Rioveggio's tortuos track, a very hot day of race but rich in satisfaction most of all for the Arrow team.
The mini class had the pleasure to have as a guest at her debut in an ufficial race, a little girl with a very special surname according to “motor lovers”.
Directly from the cheerful and very famous Tavullia, followed by dad Graziano, the blond little child Clara ROSSI debuted in the kart world on the Emilian track, showing a tranquillity all the day long worthy of her older brother.
In the senior class the uncontested master had the name of Daniele Ballarini (Arrow team) with one pole and two victories therefore allonging its general place list.
After some incomprehension in the formation lap that brought a spectacular coming out but without any consequence, the junior category saw in Sabina Raviglione (Arrow Team) the pilot to beat in this week end.
In the mini category, with our special guest, it was the young driver Filippo Laghi who won the two races.


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