Finnish Championship round 2 : Parolin coastes on!

Last weekend, 9-10. June, the second round of the 2007 Finnish championship was held in Joensuu, Eastern Finland, about 400 km north from Helsinki. JR Hemet Racing Team, the Finnish importer of Parolin products, was especially well presented in ICC with 8 drivers entering the race. And like it’s been all season, there was no stopping them this time either. Aki Rask, Parolin works driver, raced first time back at home soil since more than 2 years, and did with style, easily winning both finals. Parolin ace Jesse Kuusi scored podium in both finals as well. Usage of various engines – TM and Debei, and various chassis models – Invader, Monza and Le Mans – is a good sign that… our stuff just simply works!


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