Finnish season opener 28-29.4: Easy as A-B-C…

…or should we say more descriptively simple as 1-2-3? Because those were the positions the “JR Hemet Team”, the importer for Parolin Racing in Finland, conquered in the ICC category, and did so in the biggest race of the season with 252 drivers having entered the event (yes, out of 5 million population that is impressive! J) In the podium shot you see the winner Oskari Kurki-Suonio; just 14 years old, racing his second race ever in ICC … what will this young man achieve in the future?! Standing on the second highest step is Mikko Laine, who is racing (and doing so fine) also in the Rotax Max Senior challenge, a newcomer as well in gearbox racing. Bronze man is the old warhorse Mika Volotinen, having massive FA and FSA experience under his belt from the late 90’s onwards. JR Hemet drivers used both TM and Debei engines… which both were more than enough to leave the competition watching the rear bumpers of the Parolins’!


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