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Parolin Racing Kart

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Parolin Racing Kart


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    The 6th season of CIK-FIA Karting Academy Trophy has just begun in Spain, at the Zuera circuit, continuing the success of 2014. The Parolin Racing Kart team has ensured a brilliant technical partnership in this Competition since its inception. The 2015 field was quickly filled after the opening of registration with 51 entries from 35 countries and four continents. The Academy Trophy has now gained a prominent place within the international competitions of the CIK-FIA and is essential for talent scouts.

    On the evening of the event at Zuera, there were many testimonials of satisfaction thanking Parolin Racing Kart. The Italian team aims to make 50 identical chassis available to the 50 academicians and FIM engines as close to each other as possible. On the long and fast Spanish track, the Parolin staff faced the new challenge of a substantial burden on the machinery. "The Zuera track was not the easiest to manage for the Academy," explained Marco Parolin. "Long sections are taken at full throttle, and the strong wind and dust complicates settings. We had to work hard on the carburetion to make the karts as effective as possible."

    The action in the races of the Academy at Zuera, the most fiercely disputed of the shared meeting with the European KZ and KZ2 Championship, proved the quality of the services provided by Parolin Racing Kart. The drivers constantly fought in tight packs, in an ideal position to move forwards, and are decided on the strength of their talent. The Parolin / FIM karts shod with Bridgestone tyres allowed the best to prevail, while the less experienced were able to record strong progress. The Spanish driver Marta Garcia Lopez logically imposed because she is very experienced and knows the track, her compatriot Xavier Lloveras Brunet finished 4th, but the Briton Alfie Brown was able to finish second ahead of Russian Zakhar Slutskiy after learning the track.

    The role of the Academy Trophy as a talent developer makes sense with hindsight of several seasons of existence. The winner in 2011, the Monegasque Charles Leclerc is currently under the spotlight in Formula 3 and seems to have a very bright future at the highest level of motorsport. The victory in 2014 of the young Dutchman Richard Verschoor has opened the doors of the KF category at the European level with excellent performances from the start of this season.

    While Karting suffers from an unfavourable economic situation around the world, the Academy Trophy continues increase in entries to the delight of the organisers. The originator of this formula,Parolin Racing kart has developed the karts, with Championkart well established in Italy and the next versions of the Academy in Bahrain for the Middle East and Brazil for South America.

    "We work very effectively with the CIK-FIA and the Academy Trophy continues to grow in importance in international karting," says Marco Parolin. "Our work has a recognition increasingly widespread in the environment and it is a great satisfaction forParolin Racing kart. We aim to develop this formula which corresponds perfectly with the expectations of many drivers around the world. Our experience and expertise in this area is a distinct advantage in attracting new partners and broadening the base of participants."

    The Academy Trophy will return to the front of the news in mid-July in Belgium for its second meeting in 2015 on the circuit of Genk.




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    The Technical Partner of the CIK-FIA Karting Academy Trophy the since its inception in 2010, Parolin Racing Kart has gathered successes in 2014 with elevated participation, hotly contested over three events and extensive media coverage enabled the Italian brand which provides one-make chassis and engines to prove the value of it's performance and consider new opportunities for the future.


    Of the 50 drivers involved in the 2014 season, from 31 countries and 4 continents, 44 were racing at the last round at Sarno (ITA). This is an outstanding participation reflecting the interest from the world in the Parolin flagship formula. After the reorganization of the championship last year, the CIK-FIA has been increasingly convinced by the organisation of the Academy Trophy, which enables young talents from all backgrounds to compete on a level playing field within the major international competitions. Thanks to this positive agreement with the governing bodies, the 2014 Academy Trophy has benefited from a growing awareness throughout the year. The category was even chosen to preview the new movable front spoiler fixings which will be implemented in 2015, a fantastic sign of confidence in the ability of Parolin Racing Kart.


    It must be said that Parolin has unparalleled expertise in the field that is based on an experience of five years of one-make competition in parallel with the production of renowned competition karts. Both for the supply of Parolin chassis and the FIM engines, Albino Parolin's team mastered the subject. Under the responsibility of the CIK-FIA, frequent engines swaps made throughout the competition reassured competitors about the fairness of their chances. This is an additional factor of confidence even though Parolin had produced perfectly equal performance in the FIM engines.


    The season was an intense struggle for the title until the final metres of the final at Sarno. The Dutchman Richard Verschoor finally won on the track after a great duel with the Turkish driver Berkay Besler, which allowed him to win the 2014 Academy Trophy ahead of the Japanese Kakunoshin Ota and the Dutchman Rinus Van Kalmthout. The attention was naturally drawn to the winners whose name is added to a prestigious list that has already rewarded drivers that are now racing in cars - most significantly the Briton Ben Barnicoat and the Monegasque Charles Leclerc who were shoulder to elbow in 2011 in the Academy Trophy. But the objective of this unique competition is also to train young drivers in contact with the best. In this regard, the Academy Trophy is an undeniable success with the possibility for many drivers to participate in an international competition at a high level for a very affordable cost.


    Parolin Racing Kart will manage the next Academy Trophy in 2015 and will also be involved in its South American version, a new introduction which will begin in Brazil next year. "We are very pleased with the 2014 season," confided Albino Parolin. "The evenness of the field until the end of the Trophy is a great reward. Collaboration with CIK-FIA went even further this year and the launch on projects in other parts of the world such as South America or the Middle East confirms the quality of our vision and the value of our service. More than ever, today's karting needs turn-key formulas like Academy Trophy next to the advanced categories like KF or KZ. Based on our experience, it is our role to meet this demand alongside the CIK-FIA."



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    After a season of transition, the CIK-FIA has given a new impetus to the Academy Trophy in 2014. Through well-organized promotion, the entry was quickly filled almost to capacity at the first event held at Genk in Belgium. For Parolin Racing Kart, the technical partner to the Trophy since its inception in 2010, there is the satisfaction of facilitating the intense competition that fulfilled all of its promises.

    The 2014 CIK-FIA Karting Academy Trophy shows a welcome revival for the one-make formula which was launched in 2010. The amount of drivers and nations engaged in the competition marks the interest in the concept, supported from the outset by Parolin Racing Kart, winner of the tender of the international federation. This year, no less than 49 participants - almost 50 - from 29 countries worldwide, with four continents represented, met at Genk. Among them were already well experienced drivers but especially newcomers to international competition. The 2014 Trophy also saw the emergence of nations that haven't been well-represented in Karting so far like South Korea, Iran, Israel and Lebanon, alongside heavyweights such as the USA, Brazil, Turkey, Russia, China and Japan.

    With reliable, efficient and above all perfectly equal equipment that consists of the chassis from Parolin, FIM engines and Bridgestone tyres, as well as the know-how of the Parolin Racing Kart team, participants were able to compete on equal terms during a high-level competition. The Dutchman Richard Verschoor was fastest in qualifying ahead of the British driver Ross Martin and the Brazilian Murilo Della Coletta. Verschoor confirmed his dominance in the heats, joined in second position by compatriot Rinus Van Kalmthout, while the Turkish driver Berkay Besler slipped into 3rd place. The situation changed during the pre-final with victory for Besler ahead of the Briton Oliver York and the South African Bradley Lienbenberg. In the final, the hierarchy changed again as the Japanese Kakunoshin Ota quickly moved ahead and won the race. Van Kalmthout finally returned to second position ahead of Martin, who had risen from 16th place. The top 10 finally included 9 different countries, with five Asians and four Europeans and South Americans, half making their International Karting debut on this occasion, which was the case for the winner.

    Whether they are beginners or experienced competitors, they and their mechanics have very much enjoyed the format of the event and the equipment that was provided for them. Caused by the intensity of the fighting on the track, including the dreaded first corner of the track at Genk, rare technical problems were quickly fixed by the Parolin staff who know everything about it.

    "We are very excited after the first round of the 2014 Academy Trophy," admitted Marco Parolin. "The CIK-FIA did a great job of promotion to attract new participants. The motivation of the international bodies goes straight to the heart and we thank them for their efforts and their confidence. The consistency of the field is a reward and we are convinced that this is just the beginning. An International one-make formula like the Academy Trophy, requiring few major expenses for competitors, deserves a prominent place in today's karting. We have believed in it from the beginning and are ready to unveil the concept in several countries".


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    The final round of the 2015 Academy Trophy has just finished at Le Mans and with it a second cycle of three years of successful collaboration with the CIK-FIA. In preparing for the next phase of this beautiful adventure, it's time to take stock, extremely positively, of this innovative approach from Parolin Racing.

    "The Academy Trophy has demonstrated the feasibility of running a global competition for young people with a very reasonable budget," explains Marco Parolin. "Both technically and sportingly, we have contributed to widening the base of drivers in international competition and the emergence of new talents. That was the purpose of the Trophy and we are proud to have fulfilled our mission." 

    On the particular configuration at Le Mans for the first time in Academy, while the grip conditions sometimes made driving difficult, the hierarchy has again changed. Of the 44 drivers present, a very satisfactory number for the last race of the season, new young people were able to shine, while the safe bets materialised their ambitions. The Spaniard Xavier Lloveras Brunet confirmed his progress by winning the prefinal and the final and his compatriot Marta Garcia Lopez ensured her victory in the Trophy. The weekend saw new names appear at the top of the rankings: the Belgian Ugo De Wilde in qualifying, the Russian Artem Slutskiy in the qualifying heats, the French driver Enzo Coursimault and the Briton Alfie Brown in the prefinal and finally the Brazilian Murilo Della Coletta in 2nd place in the final.

    For an example of the quality of delivery from Parolin Racing and its FIM engines, the top six of the prefinal finished in the same second while the five fastest drivers in both races have been grouped in less than one tenth of a second. "Our greatest satisfaction comes from the thanks from many of the participants," continues Marco Parolin. "Drivers from distant countries were delighted to learn about international competition in these conditions and many of them have caught the racing bug thanks to the Academy Trophy. They are now motivated to continue in other categories." Since its inception, the Academy Trophy has been a springboard for drivers who are now at higher levels in karting and even in motorsport: Charles Leclerc, Ben Barnicoat, George Russell, Dorian Boccolacci, participated in the earlier editions. Richard Verschoor was last year's winner, and Marta Garcia, who has won the trophy in 2015, have a bright future.

    "I think we have demonstrated our expertise in the particular field of the one-make competition during these six years," concludes Marco Parolin. "The experience we have garnered is priceless. The team is well-oiled and controls all technical and logistical aspects of this challenge. We are involved in a project on the model of the Academy, which will soon be launched in Bahrain, and the concept can easily be extended to many other countries thanks to its simplicity and its low cost, two qualities that are lacking in many categories."

    "International karting is evolving and we have already prepared to face new challenges in terms of the call for CIK-FIA tender for which data is not yet known. We have always believed in the one-make formula to develop karting and we are determined to continue the adventure."


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